Barrington Douglas is an ordinary individual who has achieved extraordinary things. At 40 years old he quit a well paid job, took his savings of 21 years and was set to invest his money into a lifelong dream of opening a Caribbean restaurant with his business partner.

Chefs came and went but Barrington soldiered on, so much so that he actually put on the apron and became the chef and still to this day does most of the cooking at Discovery Bay!

Barrington’s true motivation is not money or wealth – he has a deeper philanthropic reason than most – he wants to bring Caribbean food to the masses! He calculates that if Caribbean food and produce become more popular, demand for it will grow, the major supermarkets will begin to stock more of it, the growers and farmers in the Caribbean islands will then be able to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.

Barrington quite simply has a mission to put the Caribbean and black people in Britain on the world’s stage in relation to cuisine and fine dining.