Barrington’s Foods launched…

Barrington's Foods Launched!

After years of planning, research and sample perfecting we have finally launched our range of Caribbean influenced pies, sauces, chutneys and rubs. Branded with the brand new Barrington’s Foods identity, these products will be available for you to buy from your local retailer.

Included in the range are the new Curry Chicken Pie and our infamous and totally unique Jerk Pork Pie, which some of you may already have seen and tasted at the restaurant. Response to the sauces and the Jerk Pork Pie in particular has been extremely positive, and we are expecting these products to go far.

Barrington’s Foods is the culmination of all I have learned over the years. Using what I have picked up from my mother, from running the restaurant, and from working with great chefs like Gary Rhodes and the others, I have been able to produce my own range of Caribbean food products that everyone can enjoy at home.

I’ve put my heart, soul and passion into Barrington’s Foods, I really hope you like it!

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